Solving business problems through 
information and data.

Information is every organisation's greatest strategic asset.
Glentworth is a national team of specialists who help organisations solve real business problems and create value through their information and data.


Meet the Team

Meet the Team >

Meet the people that make up Team Glentworth.

We are specialist information managers, strategic business advisers, data enthusiasts and creative problem solvers.
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The Blog

Stop measuring processes and start measuring outcomes >

On the blog: Governments are addicted to output-focused metrics that can easily be met year-on-year. They give the appearance of transparency, without government actually needing to improve. > Read More

Our Track Record

Our Track Record >

The Glentworth team has added value to organisations in a diverse range of industries across Australia.
Find out some of the ways we have supported our clients to make better, evidence-based decisions. 
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