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Michelle Teis

Consulting Director/ Principal Consultant

With more than 25 years’ industry experience, Michelle Teis is an enterprise information management strategist specialising in content, strategic data management, knowledge management and information privacy.

Michelle’s driving force is maximising the use of information assets across an organisation to improve decision making and reduce complexity. Michelle has delivered strategic information, web and data management solutions for clients in government, education, science, technology and logistics. 

As an information specialist with several large government agencies and higher education institutions, Michelle has been responsible for managing strategic information programs covering web management, data management, recordkeeping, and libraries. She has highly developed program and project management skills that enable her to deliver tangible benefits for organisations in an effective manner.

In the university sector, Michelle has worked with academic libraries focussing on research data management for scientists, researchers, higher degree students and academic staff. She has also been responsible for the digital curation of research data for two separate national-level research programs.

Michelle’s recent engagements and experience includes:

    • Development of smart city strategies focussed on the collection, use and analysis of data and information to improve economic outcomes, liveability and sustainability of a region.
    • Development and review of information management strategies to maximise the value of information assets within an organisation.
    • Design and implementation of information and data governance frameworks.
    • Scoping and implementation of open data initiatives to promote innovation and sharing of data.
    • Development and implementation of data exchange agreements promoting data sharing at a whole-of-government level resulting in direct improvements to public safety within Queensland.
    • Development of privacy guidelines for a global software company relating to the transition of information systems to as-a-Service arrangements.
    • Team leadership and management including resource allocation, training and development and HR responsibilities.

Michelle holds a BA in Library and Information Science, is on the Queensland Council for Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia (RIMPA), and is a professional member of AIIM and ALIA.​