Smart communities: Australia’s future. 

In smart, data-driven communities, citizens come first.

This is the approach Glentworth takes when working with governments and other organisations to develop a smart community strategy: How can technology and data benefit the residents who live here?

So what is a smart community?  

A smart city, town or region empowers people to make better decisions. And it is data - both real-time and stored - that enables this. Data that is captured by infrastructure like traffic lights, bridges, bins and public transport, can all be used to benefit the citizen by showing them a clearer picture of the now.

Technology is simply the enabler – people are the heart of smart communities. 

Glentworth takes a citizen-centric approach to smart community planning, equipping Australia's regions to attract the businesses, skills, jobs and capital that will deliver real benefits to their communities.

The tangible benefits 

Not only do smart communities provide tangible benefits to residents but they are a proven way to reduce the costs of providing services. Through using real-time and long-term data, councils, education institutions, businesses and other organisations have the evidence to better target investments.

The City of Eindhoven in the Netherlands has seen a 57% decrease in energy costs and a 3.5 tonne decrease in their carbon dioxide levels. The City of San Francisco has seen a 50% reduction in their water usage and a 4-6% decrease in the cost of providing services. 

Smart city technology, connected by the Internet of Things (IoT), allows regions to:

  • Make better decisions on areas to invest and when
  • Provide better, cheaper services to their community by creating efficiencies
  • Stimulate investment
  • Boost their competitiveness in attracting business, creating local jobs.

Our approach

Glentworth collaborates with Australian local governments and other stakeholders to help realise the benefits of smart, data-driven communities, maximising the resources at their fingertips.

Our comprehensive strategy for Rockhampton Regional Council – Rockhampton Region: the smart way forward – was unanimously supported by Council, taking them towards their goal to be Queensland's first Smart Regional Centre. Read more>

Click below to view Glentworth's Methodology: 

Smart City Methodology final

To discuss Glentworth’s capabilities and how we can assist your organisation to access the benefits of smart communities, contact Glentworth Senior Consultant Dan Wood on 1300 364 430.