Careers at Glentworth 

At Glentworth, our staff work on major projects that make a real and tangible difference to organisations and society.

We are completely vendor neutral, which means our consultants are valued by clients for their insight and intellect, rather than for a product or service. 

Our projects span from data-crunching analysis, through to high-level strategic input into information projects, and solving business and social issues through the smart use of information and data.

We are committed to the development of an organisational culture that fosters, rewards and celebrates employee development.

Our employee development program is designed to build the knowledge and skills of our team members, allowing each person to reach their potential. 

Each Glentworth consultant commits to building their personal and professional capability to benefit themselves and our clients. 

Glentworth is a fully serviced professional consultancy, and we pride ourselves in offering:

  • Defined career management for staff members
  • Defined peer review and quality management process
  • Defined mentoring program for all staff 
  • Ongoing professional development for all staff
  • Staffed and defined business management function
  • Defined customer engagement process
  • Defined service delivery process
  • Extensive Intellectual Property library and consulting resources
  • A range of professional subscriptions
  • Research and Development across our domain areas
  • Active membership of industry associations

To enquire about available positions within the Glentworth team, please contact us.