Making your data work for you.

In a world where organisations are overwhelmed by millions of pieces of data each day, we enable organisations to take control of this important strategic asset to use data to its greatest value.

Our Data services include:

Data-driven communities (smart city strategy)
Working with governments, business, education institutions and other organisations to help plan and grow Australia's smart, data-driven communities. Learn more about our data-centric approach to smart community and economic development planning.

Enterprise data management
Supporting the management of structured enterprise data, including its quality, architecture, privacy, security, lifecycle, integration, and the metadata.

Data strategy
Defining a plan of action to guide the long-term management of data as a valuable enterprise asset.

Data governance
Specifying a framework of decision-making rights and responsibilities regarding the management and use of enterprise information.

Data standards, policies and procedures
Developing and implementing mechanisms to guide or instruct the approach and adherence to how enterprise information is managed.

Master data management
Ensuring uniformity, accuracy, stewardship, semantic consistency and accountability of the enterprise’s shared master and reference data assets.

Data quality
The assessment and alignment of data to defined quality metrics, ensuring its fit-for-purpose usefulness in an enterprise.