Solving real business problems.

Glentworth provides strategic business advisory, aligned to your core organisational needs.

Our Business services include:

Investment assurance
An independent, objective examination and assessment of a capital investment (Portfolio, Program, and/or Project) at any stage in its lifecycle. 

Organisational change management
A structured approach to managing changes within organisations, ensuring increased speeds of adoption, minimal impact on performance and a faster rate of proficiency.

Risk management
The identification and analysis of potential risks that might impact projects, programs of work and business strategy to provide guidance on risk mitigation.

Supporting the process for the acquisition and management of goods and services, over the entire cycle, and covering both the seller’s and the buyer’s requirements.

Digital transformation
The practical application of digital technology in all aspects of business and leisure.

Strategy and performance
Providing a holistic and integrated approach to strategy development around business, services, people, information and technology, that recognises and incorporates changing or disruptive cultural and technology themes.

Public sector advisory
For public sector: Supporting the public sector to capitalise on business opportunities, improve success, develop strategies and solve challenges.

For private sector: Providing insights on public sector priorities to guide organisations on public sector opportunities and strategy development.