Information: every organisation's most valuable asset. 

Glentworth works with organisations to develop fit-for-purpose approaches to manage information and maximise its potential. 

Our Information services include:

Information strategy
Defining a plan of action to guide the long-term management of information as a valuable enterprise asset.

Information governance
Specifying a framework of decision-making rights and responsibilities regarding the management and use of enterprise information.

Information standards, policies and procedures
Developing and implementing mechanisms to guide and instruct the approach and adherence to how enterprise information is managed.

Information asset management
Enabling the management of key data collections that are valuable enterprise assets and support vital enterprise functions.

Enterprise content management
Establishing a system for the collection, organisation, use, and publishing of unstructured enterprise data such as files and documents.

Information architecture
Articulating a designed and structured representation of information assets, environments, flows, and logic across an enterprise.

Information privacy
Ensuring that the collection, protection and management of personal information meets community and regulatory expectations. 

Document and records management
Establishing a system of control for the creation, management, maintenance, and disposal of documents and records for compliance, archiving, and retrieval purposes.

Knowledge management
Formalising a systematic process of effectively managing, capturing, developing, sharing and using an enterprise’s tacit knowledge and intellectual assets.

Information sharing agreements
Putting in place standard and industry best-practice terms for sharing information both within and across enterprises.